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"No man is an Island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the Continent, a part of the main"

(John Donne)

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Running Beyond Language:

Kuopio, Finland


Language enables us to constrain, reason and order life.

Language encourages us to make life fit us.


But sometimes, life just doesn't fit, events happen that remind us that the very nature of our lives is unstructured, incomprehensible, beyond words.


Running allows us to access that very area of life that exists beyond reason, beyond sense. It provides the route past language, it allows us to just 'be'.


Running shows us that life is an experience to be felt, not always to be understood, it allows us to experience life as it is, without borders of reason.


If you run fast enough, language becomes impossible: the body cannot breathe, move and speak all at once.


If you run far enough, language blurs into the landscape: you blur into the landscape.


There is a transcendence.

It could be a means of escape.

It could be a means of protest.

It might not be beautiful.


This is the silent run.


Photo by Phil Toms

Life often takes a surprising and meandering route. Travelling past my maiden name, settling into my married name before moving back to my maiden name once more. Although this time, I'm not a maiden. But of course, I'm so much more than the sum of my name. I'm this odd collection of cells assembled in a rough order that have come to symbolise me...


This website is a similar collection of meanderings. A way of recording the person I was, the performances I created and shared. A way of recording the person I am, the runs I commit to, the books I read, the lessons I teach. A way of recording who I am yet to be.

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