Miss Bailey (vickiweitz): this teacher runs

About me..

'I am a Mother, Teacher, Performance Artist, Actor, Director, Clown Doctor and Drama Practitioner.

I live, love and work in the East of England.

I will play anywhere.


I'm interested in the idea of 'domestic performance': how do we perform (choose to perform) in our daily lives? I use magnification, repetition and isolation to transform our daily habits into something extraordinary. I am interested in the relationship between the mind and the body: how do we set ourselves up to succeed, how do we set ourselves up to fail? I see the relationship between the mind and the body as a microcosm of the interplay between the individual and society: what is the role of support, motivation, achievement and participation? At the heart of each of my performances there is always an invitation to participate and to connect, which provides a base to explore the social and political value of people working/creating/running/being together.


My practice starts at the cross-over point between life, art, words, sport and science and is based on rigour and investigation. I wonder how each element helps us to understand ourselves and our place within our chosen community.


A sudden and seismic shift in my personal life led me to become a full-time teacher and I'm currently developing a series of 'musings' reflecting on the journey, the community and the battle for motivation in the classroom. I'm known as 'Miss Bailey' now, and I wear this name with pride.


A lot of my artistic work was done in collaboration with the Human Performance Unit at The University of Essex. They provided me with training, psychological and nutritional advice as well as creating scientific interventions and testing in order to ensure I succeeded in my endeavours. The scientific data collected from the performances was then used to generate scientific papers, which have been presented at conference and have been published.


I'm not looking for anything new, but I am looking for that which we have hidden, either from ourselves or from others. What aren't we admitting/questioning? What have we cloaked in daily ritual? What are we running from?


Each piece begins with an inspiration, such as a painting, a poem, a chance remark, a question or an encounter.


As an actor, director, clown doctor and drama practitioner I use playful interventions to allow myself and participants to connect with instincts, make new discoveries and question set beliefs.


I have performed at a variety of locations, including (but not limited to) Colchester Arts Centre, streets of Halstead, pubs in Chelmsford, The Fling Festival and 3foot Festival in Chelmsford, Up the Wall Festival in Chester, The Hat Factory, The Junction, Slack Space Colchester, The Mercury Theatre, The Lakeside Theatre, Essex Univeristy, The New Wolsey Theatre, The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and the ANTI-Festival in Kuopio, Finland.


I have worked with Father Hen Theatre Company, Wildworks, Mad for Real, Footprints Theatre Company, Suffolk Artlink, New Work Network, Slack Space, Nat Miller, Frequency Theatre and The Mercury Theatre.


In most instances the performances listed on this website are still available and can be adapted to suit your venue/requirements. I can also work to commission for performance and installations/sculpture and I am able to devise and run workshops for a variety of ages, needs and locations. Please contact me for further details:


[email protected]