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"I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it" (Thomas Jefferson)

Artist vickiweitz will attempt to shoot as many balls as possible, through a netball hoop within a set time frame (6, 12 or 24 hours). She has set herself the goal of scoring one goal per minute, but she is unsure if this is achievable or not (it might even be easy). However, vickiweitz does not have a good track record of playing netball at all, let alone scoring goals (her memory of netball at school is of being hit in the face by a ball, and recent attempts at netball have seen the rest of the team shouting at her to stop running past the lines. She wasn't allowed to shoot goals).

The audience can choose how to participate: they can watch/cheer/heckle; they can offer advice/coach/act as nutritionist/help keep tally; they can have a go; they can organise a team to try and beat the world record for most number of goals scored per hour (currently 437); they can offer a running commentary, take photos/videos/comment on social media; they can walk away.

Luck examines the transition between luck and skill; hard work and lucky flukes; it looks at the effects of fatigue, nutrition, hydration, environment, chance, support and mood on performance and ability. Does practice make perfect?

In a world where we frequently fail to take responsibility for our own actions and choices, preferring instead to blame others for our misfortune or modestly understate our achievement because we were 'lucky', this performance offers the space to encourage an active debate about luck. What effect does luck have on our daily lives? Is it just a way of hiding ourselves from the truth, from avoiding hard work or is it an easy way to deal with success/failure/uncertainty?

Perhaps it is an inherent and important part of our lives and a way in which we can understand our place here: the only certainty is uncertainty.


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