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Right now, I'm feeling ...





Isolating the moment. Saying one thing but meaning another, recognising feelings, being truthful to yourself.


Performed at The Hunt and Darton Cafe, 100 Regent Street, Cambridge on Friday 18th May 2012; at The Edinburgh Festival 2012; Essex University as part of Fresher's week 2012 in conjunction with The Lakeside Theatre.


















What is the thing you won't/don't/can't say? Write it down and post it in the Elephant in the Room. He promises to keep it secret. When he is full he will be pulped and turned into a fresh piece of blank paper. Time for a fresh start.

















I am currently part of Live Art Collective East, a collection of twelve live artists from the East of England. We provide each other with peer support and mentoring and we also create work together. In 2012 I worked with Dot Howard and Holly Darton on Three Step Endeavour, a look at the simple joy of momentarily leaving the ground. see

















Inspired by The FirstSite Gallery, Colchester

Inspired by The Hammer Prints Limited Exhibition

Inspired by The Karmadavis Exhibition


A collaboration with Noah Weitz


When you pass the Map take a minute to Stamp your journey on it, then stand back and look at the Pattern you’ve made.


The Elephant in the room

Three Step Endeavour