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“The Brain has corridors – surpassing

Material place –

Ourself behind ourself, concealed” (Emily Dickinson)


This piece looks at reversing the trend to layer ourselves with external masks and routines. The words on the luggage labels come from private diaries: this is about placing our internal thoughts outside the body.

Being able to recognise who is within you, who you are hiding inside, is the first step in being able to treat others with compassion. In this day and age we constantly look outwards to society to find someone to blame, someone to hate. I believe the time has come for introspection – time to look into ourselves for it is only by being true and compassionate to ourselves that we can be true and compassionate to others. If you stop ignoring and mistreating the ‘other’ that is within you then you can stop ignoring and mistreating the ‘other’ that is without.

Placing our internal thoughts on the outside of the body allows us to start recognising the ‘other’ that we hide inside.





















like fridge magnets only better.
















With the Olympics coming to London perhaps it's time to branch out. I'm an artist but maybe I can do something sporty as well, so:

Step one: left leg forward; step two: right leg forward; step three: left leg forward; step four: right leg forward (repeat with pace for 26.2 miles)....


Performed on the streets of Halstead, Essex


















another day, another penny?






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a girl in a vest

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